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Curosurf Annoucement

Effective from 6 March, 2014 EMERGE HEALTH PTY LTD a specialty medicines company, today announced it has the exclusive marketing and distribution rights of Curosurf® in Australia. Curosurf® (poractant alfa) is indicated for the treatment (rescue) of Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS) in premature infants and for prophylactic use in infants at risk of RDS About .. read more

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Meningitec Announcement

January 20, 2014 Melbourne, Australia: – EMERGE HEALTH PTY LTD a specialty medicine company, today announced that it has become the Market Authorisation holder and exclusive distributor of Meningitec™ (originally from Pfizer) in an exclusive distribution deal for Australia and New Zealand with Nuron Biotech, a US based biotechnology company focused on developing novel biologics .. read more

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Availability of Cyclophosphamide Tablets

Over the past few months, we have had many requests for an alternative source of cyclophosphamide tablets. We would like to inform you that our alternative brand, Endoxan is now available to replace Cycloblastin. Please see details of the product below. Product Code Brand Name Active Ingredient Strength Pack Size Shelf Life List Price Ex .. read more

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