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Our commitment to Hospital Pharmacy is to source and supply niche and specialised pharmaceutical medicines to treat life threatening and rare diseases where current therapy is unavailable or inadequate.
Over the last 4 years Emerge Health has built a solid market presence supplying both public and private hospitals with innovative high quality medicines. In fact, Emerge Health supplies over 100 Australian and New Zealand Hospitals in both the public and private sector.

Hospitals Supplied to in Australia and NZ 104
Product Categories Neonatology, Oncology, Metabolic / Genetic Rare Diseases, Liquid Medicines
Number of Products Distributed 38
Number of Product Lines 50
The product portfolio falls under three categories.
  • Specialised medicines to treat Orphan or Rare Disease
  • Specialised liquid formulations for hospital use
  • Supply of selected unapproved/named patient specialised medicines
Our specialty customers in the hospital environment are supported by our highly trained and dedicated team of product specialists. In addition, our customers have access to medical, regulatory and sales and marketing resources.
As Emerge Health continues to grow, it will continue to expand its focus to include new products in the speciality areas of neonatology, oncology, metabolic medicine and supply of unapproved medicines for investigational purposes, clinical trials and supply via the TGA SAS scheme.
In addition to the partnership agreements Emerge Health has in place with ethical international companies supplying our registered products, Emerge Health has built an extensive network of successful relationships with trusted and reputable suppliers throughout the world to provide sourcing services of quality assured pharmaceuticals throughout Australia and New Zealand.
For more information specific to Australian healthcare professionals, including clinical and therapy resources, please visit  pharmacy.emergehealth.com.au

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