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Partnering with Emerge Health

Built on the back of strong international partnerships, Emerge Health’s goal and focus is to be the leading Australian and New Zealand Pharmaceutical supplier of innovative, high quality medicines. Our emphasis is on licensing hospital products for niche markets with high unmet clinical need.

Emerge Health is dedicated to working collaboratively with ethical international companies that want to make an impact with their products in Australia and New Zealand but do not have a presence in this region.

Our philosophy:

Collaboration is the key to Emerge Health’s partnering success. We work hand in hand with our international partners to ensure that their product/s reach the patients that need them (in many cases urgently) and that the products reach their maximum potential in the market place, no matter what the size.

Emerge Health’s Expertise

Our expertise lies in the wealth of experience of the management team at Emerge Health who are experts in the Australian and New Zealand hospital specialty sector.
Emerge Health offers the full service of needs for international companies that have specialist products that need to be supplied into the hospital sector. Namely: Warehouse, distribution, regulatory, reimbursement, sales and marketing.

We aim to:
  • Register the products with TGA and attain PBS reimbursement (where possible)
  • Supply the medicines unapproved prior to registration (if there is a customer need)
  • Supply the products at the best price pre-approval and once registered

Your partner of choice

Emerge Health can provide solutions to entry of your products in the Australian market place:
  • Facilitation of unapproved product supply
  • Experienced regulatory group
  • Successful pharmaceutical reimbursement & government relations
  • Opinion leader development
  • Development of sales and marketing strategies to ensure rapid product adoption
  • Strategic product life cycle management
  • Committed to long term business partnerships for mutual benefit

What makes Emerge Health different?

  • Young, Fresh and Vibrant
  • The principles always plan to be involved in the activities within the business across the 3 major disciplines
  • Regulatory, Pricing and Reimbursement and Commercial Development
  • Excellent understanding of the local environment
  • Strategic focus
  • Realistic growth strategy


If you would like to explore partnering opportunities with Emerge Health, please contact us.