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Posted 07-Mar-2014

Emerge Health Partners With Chiesi Farmaceutici For Distribution Rights To Market Curosurf® (poractant alfa) in Australia

EMERGE HEALTH PTY LTD a specialty medicines company, today announced it has the exclusive marketing and distribution rights of Curosurf® in Australia.

Curosurf® (poractant alfa) is indicated for the treatment (rescue) of Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS) in premature infants and for prophylactic use in infants at risk of RDS

About Emerge Health

Emerge Health is an innovative, specialised Australian pharmaceutical company focused on the marketing and sales of niche, high quality medicines to the hospital sector.

The addition of Curosurf® represents an important addition to our specialised medicines and Neonatal portfolio.

Emerge Health supplies products that

  • provide safe effective solutions to critical and emergency care situations and
  • medicines that fulfill orphan drug designation, thereby treating rare diseases in the Australian population

Supply and Availability

There will be no change to the availability of Curosurf® for patients. There will also be no change in price or supply.

From March 6th 2014, all hospital pharmacies will continue to be able to order Curosurf® via the normal Symbion Hospital customer service channels on 1300 773 000 or online.

From March 6th 2014, all medical and product enquiries or adverse event reports concerning Curosurf should be directed to Emerge Health on:

Fax: 03 8672 0792

E-mail: customerservice@emergehealth.com.au

Mail: Emerge Health Suite 3, Level 1, 2 Theatre Place Canterbury VIC 3126 Australia

If you have any questions regarding this change, please contact Emerge Health (03) 9077 4486. In case of emergency please call – 0417 112 590.