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Posted 01-Feb-2012

New Partnership with Orphan Europe

Emerge Health announces a new partnership with Orphan Europe for exclusive distribution of products in Australia and New Zealand

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Emerge Health Pty Ltd (Emerge) is pleased to announce a new partnership with Orphan Europe (a division of the Recordati Group Italy), for the exclusive distribution in Australia and New Zealand of Orphan Europe’s range of market leading medications used for the treatment of rare diseases.

Under the agreement Emerge will support the registration, reimbursement, marketing and promotion of Pedea, Neoprofen, Normosang, Carbaglu and Vedrop. Emerge will also take over the rights to another Orphan Europe product, Cystadane, later this year.

This is a significant step for both companies as Orphan Europe continues its expansion outside Europe and Emerge widens its product range of safe, effective medicines to treat rare diseases. More importantly, patients with rare diseases will have improved access to these valuable medicines as these products will now be better supported in the Australian and New Zealand marketplace.

For further details on Emerge Health’s products, please refer to the Contact Us page on the web site www.emergehealth.com.au.